Did you recently find those nasty rats loitering around your kitchen area? Or, if you already have had problems with rats or mice, it might recur again. For that, you need to hire proper rodent pest control services at once. But before that, it is essential to identify the areas and whether these little furry pests are still active in your home.

How? Let’s find out here:

Determine The Rodent Infestation Size

Signs can be the ideal indicators for you. In this regard, it is the size of the rodent population that is infecting your entire household. So, for example, if you see them at nighttime, but you do not find them during the day, the population is probably not huge.

And you can control them either with bait or traps. However, if you see them both during the day and night, with numerous fresh droppings, there is a high chance of proliferating generations. And it is the right time to call your reliable pest control company to get rid of this nasty population that is thriving on your property.

Rodent Droppings

The next sign to look for is the rodent dropping. The fresh ones are moist and dark. As the mouse and rat droppings age, they probably dry out and become gray. It will easily crumble if you try to move them.

Also, these droppings are most probably present near the food packages or under the sinks, cupboards, drawers, and almost any hidden areas. You can find the highest number where the rodents are nesting. So, start your inspection from that particular region.

Gnaw Marks

Droppings are essential to identify how many days of infestation you are looking at. But along with that, you also need to find the rodent gnaw marks. Unlike the droppings, these are lighter in color and get darker with time passing.

You might be able to see them on food packages or your walls with time. And the one way to determine its age would be by comparing them with the most recent one. Remember that these marks can also indicate the type of rodent living in your house. The larger ones are from the larger teeth of the rats.

Foul Odor

If you have your pet around, they can help you identify the rodent infestation pretty quickly. How? Well, both cats and dogs tend to get active and excited with the foul odor around. And they can even identify the places where the rodents are most active or might be living.

Generally, the odor comes from the urine of these rodents, which is highly strong for your pets to identify. Also, if the infestation is comparatively large, you might be able to locate this foul smell immediately. However, do not overlook if you see your pet pawing in any particular area. Look into it properly, and if needed, call the pest control services immediately.

Rodent Pathways

Another way to identify the rodent infestation is by tracing its tracks and runaways. If it is highly active in your home, you can find distinct tracks within the area. Use some baby powder to sprinkle on them to mark the pathways. You can also find urine stains, footprints, smudge marks, etc.


So, if you have seen any of these marks or droppings recently, do not wait for too long. Rodent infestation can be harmful to the entire family and comes with many diseases. So, call your nearby rodent pest controlling services today to eliminate these tiny creatures from your home.